środa, 24 grudnia 2014

Ginger bread for Christmas tree

Here is the recipe for ginger bread I did for our Christmas tree. First day they are quite hard and crunchy but next one they absorbed water from air and became nice and soft. Too much if you know what I mean :/

Ingredients     1 glass of honey (can be artificial)
     1/2 glass of sugar
     100g margarine
     1/2 gingerbread spice
     2 teaspoons cinnamon
     1 tablespoon cocoa
     1 flat teaspoon of baking soda
     3-4 glasses of flour

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. In a saucepan dissolve margarine, honey, sugar and spices. Leave on for half an hour to cool, add soda and stir. Add flour and knead the dough (you can use a mixer). Roll the cake very thin and cut out patterns.
Cut holes through which you can put the string (they need to bit bigger as during the baking they will shrink). Bake on a baking sheet, approx. 5-8 minutes. Let cool on a metal grid.

Knitted pattern Christmas card

Knitting always remind me of Christmas. I knitted few things in the past and give it to my close ones as gifts. But this time I was so surrounded by it that it inspired me to prepare my own Christmas Card.
I even found wrapping paper in knitted pattern and I wasn't only one, as John bought it too.

One of the strange things for me was dressing christmas tree earlier then in Poland.... we did it on 6th of december. It was good for me as I was able to do it and went for Christmas to my homeland. I'm quite proud from the result. I even baked ginger bread and hang it on a tree.
 As i didn't want to spend few days on one card I look through the internet for tutorial, there is plenty of such. I've choose this one (http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-christmas-knitted-text-effect-in-adobe-illustrator--vector-19778) but I needed to stop in the middle because my computer didn't coupe with duplicating the bright pattern. So I did it manually, bit by bit. Here is a bit official version.

środa, 26 listopada 2014

Bradford Animation Festival 2014

My second BAF was amazing, as the one the year before.  Lots of screenings, lots of talks and even more amazing people from industry and universities.

we maded to Peter Lord screentalk
 Peter Lord and Morph and us (me and students from University of Wolverhampton)
 Claire Jennings - Lifetime Achievement Award

  Mark Shapiro - Behind the scenes of The Boxtrolls

 Strange Hill High
 Joanna Quinn receiving ASIFA 2013 Prize
 Joy Batchelor screentalk - A life in Animation
 Michel Ocelot

 and awards hosted by Bary Purves at the end of the great festival


poniedziałek, 15 września 2014

Starcom Telematic

Telematic Starcom is a global technology company engaged in the production and distribution of broadly defined telematic services for companies operating in the Poland and abroad. My participation in this project started by redesigning the logo. Then design the rest of corporate identification, which include business card, business paper and trifold. However, for me the most important part was to create a series of illustrations.

piątek, 5 września 2014

Windy day

During studying at University of Wolverhampton I come up with few stories... good and bad and... one like this one... it's hard to be objective :)
It's simple, but that really doesn't matter. The challenge for me was to draw characters that are really 2D as they lack of thickness ;)

Recently I have an opportunity to apply for a work as a storyboard artist and this move me to do something  I was thinking about to do for a while. I wanted to visualize some of my own stories. Just for pure fun of drawing.

If my cintiq wasn't rebelling (the drivers don't work, whatever I do) I would try to make quick animation... malice of inanimate things, what a perfidy twist of fate

First a sketch of a sketch...
And then first attempt of storyboards


In the middle of July I've spent extended weekend in Hamburg with my friend Annika. It was very nice and surprisingly green city.

Market with fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and other good food.

City itself had some nice places to visit

Other side of the city
 My tansport :)
 View from the tower of church
 One of the parks
  Boat trip
  Deserved beer ;)