niedziela, 16 lutego 2014

INON website

I recently haven't post any commercial work, so there it is. INON is a producer of lightning for underwater photography.

piątek, 14 lutego 2014

I want Wacom Cintiq

Lately I was fortunate enough to try Wacom Cintiq (13HD to be specific) first time in my life. It was just few hours during 2 days on Mac computer (not my favorite thing). I have one thought: I need to have it!

An eye study (1h) in TvPain (one of my favorites programs lately)

Quick sketch of an idea (first time I used Corel Painter)

and some of my older digital painting made in Photoshop (only two I made long ago, yeah I know... cliche), I was so frustrated about the program and how it's almost impossible to mix colors there, that I stopped  making digital paintings

New year - New challenges

This year start quite good. As an Artist in Residence at University of Wolverhampton I participate in lectures, talk about character development and storyboarding. I also teach students at Drawing for Animation classes. Today is Valentine's Day and I'm seating at Uni, looking thru my past work and preparing for lecture about my career path to animation on Monday. And I just love it :D

I have many plans for this year that I'm so excited about.  My "Fisherman and the Cat" (working title) animation is going further, bit slowly, as I work also as graphic designer. Busy, busy, busy...