sobota, 24 listopada 2012

Sunshine Profits is finaly here!

I work on this project few years ago when I worked in Janmedia Interactive. I needed to wait for launch till now. I've made logo, business cards, website layouts character designs and concept art for little video presentation.

Fisherman and the Cat - progress

I'm still working on a fisherman character, this one is nearest the end of the process

 Some backgrounds

piątek, 23 listopada 2012

piątek, 9 listopada 2012

Warner Bros Studio Trip

Yesterday was one of the greatest trips I've been. That is the fact I've read Harry Potter books at least twice in english and few in polish. I saw all movies, and I'm a big fan since the beginning. And now I had opportunity to go to film studio to see how Harry Potters films have been made.


Entrance and big hall

 Creature Shop and Animatronics

Diagon Alley

 Miniature of Hogwart
I found some names of crew on wand boxes in Olivander's shop