środa, 23 kwietnia 2014


In Poland our bookworm has wings ;)
I did small character design for my best friend that works in Public Library.

wtorek, 8 kwietnia 2014

There is a life after Flatpack

Due to Flatpack Film Festival, and the fact I get cold I haven't spend much time on my animation project as most of the time.
For my animated short I did just those 2 scenes.

Flatpack Film Festival

Recently I went to Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham. It was great event, some of the films were... hm, artistic and boring... some were hypnotizing, intelligent and beautifully done. One of the highlights was definitely screening and talk with Priit Parn, an Estonian animator

there is one of the animations that was shown during the block

but I think my favorite was Hotel E, just genius

I also participate in Mirai Mizue animation workshops... our task was to made short monster animation to very strange sounds. I love that, I did two in less then 2 hours. Here is the video of all participants and their work, I am the second, right after the Mirai Mizue :D This video was shown at Flatpack at the end of screening next day.

My last attendance at FFF was Wednesday meeting with studio animators and screening after the conversation. Talk was lead by Gary Thomas an Associate Director of Animate Projects, who I met before at Bradford Animation Festival in 2013. BAFTA-award winner Will Anderson (The Making of Longbird), master of mutating mashups Cyriak (I think everybody came across his weird mutated sheep video on youtube in some point of life), Eimhin McNamara (Irish animator and producer) and Chris Randall (Second Home Studios) who I met before at University of Wolverhampton during his lecture about his career path, the same I did few weeks before. I hope I will get the chance to visit him in his studio in Birmingham to see how proper stop-motion animators work.
The talk was very good and funny, seeing how problematic an animator path can be seem bit refreshing and real from all those fantasies that some people have.

I regret that due to my cold I couldn't see rest of the things that Flatpack has to offer, but next year