poniedziałek, 29 kwietnia 2013

Fisherman - Blok3 has began

Today I found out that I passed block2 of MA, and now I am ready for another one. I have already started to animate next fisherman's movie scenes.
Few shots from block 2

I also started an internship in Clickingmad (www.clickingmad.com) it looks like a good start of block3.

piątek, 26 kwietnia 2013

Piotr's album is here

Album cover and booklet design for Piotr Wójcicki is already here. Printed sorted and ready to go. Premier of artist's second album "The Secret World of Numbers" is planed for 5th of may, also the day of his birthdays.
This is my design

and this is how it looks printed (photos by Piotr Wójcicki)