piątek, 5 września 2014

Windy day

During studying at University of Wolverhampton I come up with few stories... good and bad and... one like this one... it's hard to be objective :)
It's simple, but that really doesn't matter. The challenge for me was to draw characters that are really 2D as they lack of thickness ;)

Recently I have an opportunity to apply for a work as a storyboard artist and this move me to do something  I was thinking about to do for a while. I wanted to visualize some of my own stories. Just for pure fun of drawing.

If my cintiq wasn't rebelling (the drivers don't work, whatever I do) I would try to make quick animation... malice of inanimate things, what a perfidy twist of fate

First a sketch of a sketch...
And then first attempt of storyboards

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