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Fisherman's character (old)

Some character sheets I did last year when I was on Erasmus exchange in Wolverhampton. I still work on this character and story.

~500 words describtion I've wrote then:
From the hatch of the ship "Old Bertha", an old man emerged in a yellow worn out trench coat. Under the equally worn out sailor hat was a storm of gray hair, which at best could pass as a shoe brush.
Wrinkled face always wore a smile of a mysterious trace of self-satisfied man, and piercing blue eyes never allow a long exchange of glances. The large, hooked nose bore traces of smallpox have had in the past, caused only that the man looked even more experienced in life.
T-shirt, which certainly hurt once pristine white, was now only a faded, gray cloth, which is nevertheless contrasted with heavily tanned skin of the old man.
His posture was slightly hunchbacked, however many years in the Navy, made ​​the muscles hard like stones strewn with grid of visible veins under the skin.
- It will be raining - said to the black cat wriggling at his feet.
The cat gave him affirmative look and rushed forward, taking his favorite place on the stern. The old man follow the cat limping. He sat on a small wooden bench near lying rigging on the boards of the deck.
Since the Great Storm, when a broken mast pierced his left thigh, suffered from pain in his leg whenever gathered in the rain.
He liked those moments in the morning when the sun had not yet swung out from behind the horizon and sea breeze freshes his sleepy face, taking with it the remnants of sleep. He always get up first to be able to fully enjoy the silence before it fills with crew buzz.
"Old Bert" is his house, used up as much as is Jacopo is used. The storm is coming…



 Few boat designs
Color palette of the character

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